The Laundry Box produces the best shirt laundering and ironing service in London.
Shirts and dress shirts are treated for stains prior to washing in pre-softened water, using only the very best detergents. This process means your shirts are effectively washed at lower temperatures, ensuring that white shirts remain brilliantly white, coloured shirts keep their vibrancy and fine materials retain their original lustre.
All missing and damaged buttons are replaced; extra treatment is given to collars and cuffs when necessary; collar bones are inserted, double cuffs precisely lined up and shirts are hand folded. The same care is shown for shirts returned on hangers.
Dress shirts, couture shirts, silk shirts, stiff collars and fine woollen or linen shirts are all treated in the most professional way.
If you are looking for quality shirt laundering in London then The Laundry Box shirt laundering service is for you.
Featured shirt by Alexander Boyd.