For top quality laundry services in London The Laundry Box is unmatched.
Every item is inspected, treated for stains, cleaned and hand finished in-house  by well trained staff.
All laundry items – sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases – are treated for stains, washed in pre-softened water with the best quality detergents.
Tablecloths and napkins are treated for stains and starched for the finest quality finish.
Towels and all personal items of laundry are washed in softened water and given an extra rinse cycle to ensure that they come back to you feeling luxuriously soft.
Every item is well scrutinised by our experienced staff and hand folded.
Moving – We provide a special dry cleaning and laundry service for house or office moves, with collection from one address, everything cleaned and delivery to your new address.